« Since 2014, a new cultural impetus has energized the life of Gransois, the aim is to promote a rich, diversified, musical culture of excellence, accessible to all generations and free of charge. Music Culture is not only an encounter with Music that traverses something the time but also a listening in which the people share the same happiness, the same link.
A piano in Grans is a festival that was created thanks to a musical and friendly meeting with Jérémie Honnoré, artistic director of Music at Ferme Production. This idea originated during the Festival of Music at the Farm in 2014. The concert of a little crazy that we did is to propose three free piano concerts in Grans are not the guests are great pianists internationally renowned . To do this, rigor, loyalty, demand, and the search for financing were the criteria that made possible the realization and the success of this project. The love of music is enough motivation to transmit to others all the emotions that make live the most beautiful notes!
This year promises to be exceptional with the venue of Célimène Daudet and Jérémie Honnoré on 02/03, Aline Piboule on 16/03 and Simon Ghraichy on 30/03.
A piano in Grans is a cultural event that crosses the boundaries of the region.  »
Danielle Buselli, municipal councilor elected to the culture of the city of Grans and volunteer of the association Grans Culture.