Simon Ghraichy is a pianist, and he does not deviate from the rule. In pianos or strong, his playing rests on a unit built since his meeting with the instrument, at the age of 5 years. This mastery rests on three pillars: cosmopolitanism, singularity, virtuosity.
Cosmopolitism He juxtaposes his Latin-American and Oriental roots with the sensitivity and European musical history he has learned from masters such as Michel Béroff at the Conservatoire National de Paris (CNSMDP) or Tuija Hakkila at the Sibelius Academy of Music Helsinki. He strives to play with orchestras and in the most varied places, in order to find at each meeting a new musical color (Brazilian Symphony Orchestra, Mexico Symphony Orchestra, Cairo Symphony Orchestra, Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra, National Orchestra Cuba, the UniSA International Festival in South Africa, the EXIT festival in Serbia, the Isang Yun festival in South Korea, etc.).
If his influences are plural, his play is very singular. Like any professional musician, he is confidently confronted with trends, directories in vogue, standardized interpretations (which some would prefer to call « reference »). His answer ? To reconcile the search for the most accurate interpretation with the desire to have fun … and thus to give. An illustration of his temperament? His program of exit of the National Conservatory of Paris was qualified by one of the members of the jury of « abracadabrantesque ».
This bias did not prevent him from obtaining numerous international distinctions: prize of the international competition BNDES (Bank of Brazil) in Rio de Janero, prize MM Ponce in Mexico, Torneo Internazionale di Musica de Rome prize, Foundation Cziffra in France (etc.) and even, for the anecdote, a mention « Very well by unanimity » for this famous program « abracadabrantesque ». Professors, jurors, press, spectators, all salute his « virtuosity » (Dauphiné Libéré), his « temperament and power » (Wall Street Journal), the « cleanliness and clarity » of his game (Jornal do Brasil) Apparent ease with which it foils the most arduous pieces.